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Production Services

When it comes to production, You always face 2 major challenges: Time and money. After all the years we’ve learned how to deal with both of them, making things fall into place, keeping the standard up and satisfying our clients.

Below find a list of all the production services we offer either for our own or for 3rd party productions. So please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to help.

Bringing a team of people to one spot can be a huge time and budget killer. We take care of it and make sure your production is scheduled properly.

We find the right model for you or your client. Either through our model agency network or from our network of characters and athletes from all around the world.

Because of our years of experience producing photos and films all around the globe, we know many beautiful locations to stage your product the way you want it. Beside that our worldwide network is steadily growing which allows us to have access and knowledge to even more great spots.

You want your pictures being produced in a studio? ADLIPS has access to a variety of studios and equipment all over the globe.

Do You need a helping hand? Ask us, we’ll send you an experienced assistant for Your production.

No matter if it’s a sporty or a fashion shoot. A good make-up/hair artist can make a big difference in how the model will look on the pictures and also safes money and time in retouching pictures afterwards.

We have a big pool of cloth and accessories to allow being flexible styling the models the way you or your client want it. Additional to our own pool, we’re connected to agencies and brands supplying us with any item requested. If needed we also organize a professional stylist who takes care of it.

We prefer healthy, ecological food, but we can get whatever You want  😉

Don’t know how your products, equipment or people should come to the location? We take care of it and find the most convenient and practical way for you.

You want to share what was going on during your production? Well, if you want we make sure all interesting moments on set get captured either through a photographer or a filmer. Telling a „behind the scenes“ story still gains a lot of attention, no matter if you use it internally or spread it to the world through your social media channels.

We have a wide range of in-house equipment, such as drones, 360° cameras, film cameras, light equipment and grip.

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