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For us, Film is still the number one medium transporting emotions to a viewer. The compositing of moving images, sound, music, special effects and a great story can bring You into a different world or connect you with a message within a few seconds.

ADLIPS produces high-end films from conception to editing, from documentary to TV commercial. No matter if it’s corporate-oriented, lifestyle, art or completely product-related content. Always with the approach to creating something emotionally valuable for the viewer.

How many people are needed to produce my film? Well, it always depends on the project. Sometimes a few people can be enough, sometimes you need many more.
We produces a variety of films starting from making-of or documentary to imagefilms, TV commercials or movies. Whatever you may need, we will put the right team together.

Just like any artist each director has a unique style and not every style works with every job. We have a wide network of directors we work with.

A great film starts with a great script. No matter if you only have a rough idea or no clue at all. We either support you writing it or we come up with an idea and write it from scratch.

Some jobs require a roof above the head. We have access to multiple filmstudios or we will find the right one according to the requirements.

From screening all the filmed material to the final cut of the movie, a proper edit is at least as important as the script or the previous shooting itself. If time is tight, we also offer post simultaneously to the filming itself, which can be helpful if you for instance want to report from an event through your social media channels and need the content instantly.

No matter type of film, the final look will make the difference. We offer inhouse colorgrading or work together with leading grading agencies.

You don’t know which music suits best to your film or you want to have your own, you don’t want to negotiate with recordlabels or artists? No problem, we work with a bunch of musicians who will produce your very own and unique music.

Sometimes you’ll only hear the bass player when he’s missing. Same goes for sounddesign, which has the power to make the difference, highlight a certain detail in order to touch the viewers emotions. We work together with sound specialist on set, in a recordingstudio or during postproduction to make sure your bass player never misses the gig.

Our pool of super talented animators can produce you almost every VFX or animation possible no matter if it’s 2D or 3D.

Your product is not yet existing or you plan to shoot on a fictional location. We work with skilled visualizers who can bring it alive anyways and/or composite it together real footage or other animations. The viewer will believe it’s the real deal.

Sometimes a film requires voice over, it can either be the actor himself or just a recorded voice. We make sure to find the right solution and professionally record it. No matter which language is required, we work together with leading speaker agencies and recording studios to let your film talk to the viewer.

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