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Hej Organic California

A new star on the cosmetic market. Organic, vegan, fair traded, design-oriented and not animal tested. Simply “More Heart In Cosmetic”. Designed by our sister agency ADLIPS DESIGN BUREAU and developed by a Dortmund based organic cosmetic manufacturer. ADLIPS Productions was in charge of producing the new imagery and an image clip which would combine all the above-mentioned attributes HEJ ORGANIC stands for.

Therefore we went to sunny California, picked up our Venice based photographer Jai Crocker and gathered a bunch of friends from Los Angeles to escape the city and go on a road trip. With stops in Venice Beach, West-Hollywood, Joshua Tree and the beautiful Big Bear Lake right at the foot of Snow Summit mountain, it was quite a versatile trip.

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  • Client:HEJ Organic
  • Producer:Tim Magduschewski
  • DOP:Dustin Janczewski
  • Script:Tim Magduschewski
  • Photographer:Jai Crocker
  • Model(s):River, Alea and Rob
  • Music:Valeri Schiller
  • Editing:Dustin Janczewski
  • Location:California, USA
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