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Virtual Reality / 360°

Virtual reality is one of the hottest and fastest evolving mediums out there. By immersing the user into either a real or imagined environment, VR enables You to connect with people, places and data on an emotional level you never thought was possible. Your virtual brand experience never has been that much fun, inspiration, interactive and felt that real.

From creating and producing 360° content to developing interactive VR experiences and guided VR tours, ADLIPS offers the full spectrum of services bringing your virtual dream to life.

We use the latest technology shooting your 360° film either in 2D or 3D (stereoscopic).

Sometimes still 360° images do the job better than the moving images. We also produce stunning 360° photos 2D or 3D (stereoscopic).

To get the full experience and a real soundscape we also record and ad binaural sound to your VR experience.

The world is getting even smaller with 360° livestreaming as it allows You to participate at an event, concert, meeting in 360° no matter where you are on the planet. All you need is a proper internet connection and us to set it up for you.

360° film and photo stitching, editing and grading – we do everything in-house.

You don’t know which music suits best to your 360° experience or you want to have your own, you don’t want to negotiate with recordlabels or artists? No problem, we work with a bunch of musicians who will produce your very own and unique music.

You want to send the viewer to space a fictional space or let him experince your product which is not yet existing. No problem, our visualizers, animators and cgi specialists will produce stunning artificial 360° enviroments or bring your prototype virtually to life.

You want to have a VR meeting or collective VR product demo? We can set up a guided, customized VR tour for You and get your whole team or a group of clients enjoy the full experience simultaneously. Our Guide Device let’s anybody be the host of their custom VR show.

Just like any artist each director has a unique style and not every style works with every job. We have a wide network of directors we work with and those who have experience in directing a 360° production.

The best way to publish your 360° content, is to develop a customized VR app. Together with our developers we produce up to date 360° apps which can either be web based and run in any type of webbrowser or native so that you can install them on your device.

A great 360° film or photo campaign starts with a great script. No matter if you only have a rough idea or no clue at all. We either support you writing it or we come up with an idea and write it from scratch.

Beside that and due to the technical circumstances of shooting a 360° film, a good script is essential. As it is like writing a script for a theater play. The viewer always has the chance to see the entire set, you can’t hide anything so everything has to be timed and prepared well. But don’t worry, our experienced VR directors will take care of it.

We have access to film/photo studios which are especially designed for shooting in a 360° enviroment.

Go visit our Production Services page for all info’s.

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