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CANYON Rediscover Aarhus

For many years Aarhus stood in the shadow of the world-known Copenhagen, but since Denmarks 2nd biggest city will be “2017 European capital of culture” it gets more international recognition. Besides it’s increasing amount of museums, art exhibitions, concert halls etc, it’s main focus is to develop to one of the most cycling friendly cities in Europe. A perfect reason for Canyon to team up with Aarhus and create some unique stories only real Aarhus citizens can tell.

Therefore we had to find 4 different characters who use their bikes on a regular basis and portrait them during their daily routines. If your interested in reading those stories we invite you to visit Canyon’s website and follow the “Rediscover Aarhus” blog which will continuously post small stories of our 4 heroes.

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  • Agency:Weltmeyster
  • Client:CANYON Bicycles GmbH
  • Producer:Pingo & Tim Magduschewski
  • Photographer:Yorick Carroux
  • Location:Aarhus, Denmark
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