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Gørttwiete real estate

How do you show and gain interest in a real estate that’s not yet existing?
Well, normally you do that by 3D animations or CGI images in a boring brochure or on a website.  But Hamburg based agency Metropol+, which is famous for spectacular real estate concepts, and their client “Art Invest” had the idea to produce a film which will promote the so-called “Gorttwiete” real estate.

The task: showing the vibe of the area it’ll be built in plus adding the traditional animations to give potential clients a realistic feeling of what they can expect from their future residence. ADLIPS was hired to put a team together and bring the agencies idea to life.

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  • Agency:Metropol+
  • Client:Art Invest
  • Producer:Tim Magduschewski
  • DOP:Clemens Krueger
  • Music:Mert Tekin
  • Editing:Dustin Janczewski, Daniel Hacker
  • Animation / Motion Design:Peter Schoppa
  • Location:Hamburg, Germany
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