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CANYON Fitness

„Ride your workout“ is Canyon’s new claim for their brand new collection of fitness bikes. Even though fitness bikes are still kind of niche products, Canyon’s approach to it is fully uncompromising…as always. They want fitness bikes to finally become sexy and desirable.

To transport this feeling, their pictures needed to fulfill this approach by 101{b87c6f89c83e3fa8eb3218d1f31d4c7ab9b1b591b423e3003205cc16140a2126}. So we brought a bunch of high-end sportsmodels to our second home Barcelona to shoot stunning fitness bike pictures in the early Catalan morning.

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  • Client:CANYON Bicycles GmbH
  • Producer:Pingo Magduschewski
  • Photographer:Sebas Romero
  • Location:Barcelona, Spain
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