The brand new XC40 is Volvo’s answer to the high demand for city SUVs. With the smallest model in the XC series, Volvo convinces the young design- and luxury-oriented city dweller, who represents a completely new target group for the Scandinavian high-end car manufacturer. From the official press release in Milan in September 2017 to the official launch in March 2018, Volvo wanted to involve potential buyers and bridge the long wait. We delivered Volvo a new 360° VR experience that was even more interactive than the previous one we produced a few months earlier for the Volvo XC60.

This time we wanted to offer the viewer a real 3D experience. When using the app with VR glasses or a cardboard, we developed a more interesting environment than just a pale, white room. In a 360° photo studio we photographed the car stereoscopically (camera simulates the human eye) and in a perfect light setup. Afterwards we shot all 360° backgrounds, which we later composed together with the stereoscopic car shots. More impressions of the Volvo XC40 360° VR Experience can be found below our making-of.

  • Agency:GREY Germany
  • Client:Volvo Car Germany
  • Producer:Tim Magduschewski, Christian Donaj
  • Photographer:Norbert Mispelbaum
  • Light:Marc Neuhaus
  • Editing byNorbert Mispelbaum, Daniel Hacker
  • Visualization /
  • Compositing:Thorwald Hoffmann, Irinel Papuc
  • Studio:Elegant Elephant Studios
  • Location:Dusseldorf & Essen, Germany
  • Making of:Marcel Burgmann, Martin Spyra
  • Development:Involvr GmbH
  • Categories: