Virtual Reality / 360°

As an innovative and rapidly developing medium, virtual reality allows the user to immerse him-/herself in a real or imaginary environment. Virtual reality enables connection with people, places and data on an unprecedentedly emotional level. The virtual brand experience has never been so amusing, inspiring, interactive and never felt so real.

From the creation and production of 360° content to the development of interactive virtual reality experiences and guided virtual reality tours, ADLIPS PRODUCTIONS offers the full range of services that bring every virtual dream to life.

We use the latest technology for the production of
360° movies in 2D or 3D (stereoscopic).

Some projects benefit from 360-degree images rather than moving images. We also produce stunning 360-degree photos in 2D or 3D (stereoscopic).

To get the full experience and a real sound design, we also integrate binaural sound into your 360° project.

The world is becoming even more global with 360° live streaming. It allows you to participate in an event, concert or meeting in 360°, no matter where you are on the planet. All you need is a suitable internet connection – we take care of the rest.

360° film and photo stitching, editing and grading – everything in-house with us.

Are you unsure which music suits your 360° experience? You want individual music, don’t want to negotiate with record labels or artists? ADLIPS PRODUCTIOS works with a variety of musicians who produce your own and individual music

Should the viewer perceive a fictional space in an existing space or get to know a product that does not yet exist? Our visualizers, animators and CGI specialists produce exciting 360° environments or virtually bring prototypes to life.

Want to create a virtual reality meeting or a collective VR product demonstration? We set up guided and individual VR tours, inspire your team and your customers. With our guide device, each is the host of their own VR show.

Like any artist, every director has a unique style and not every style fits every project. We have a wide network of directors with experience with 360° film productions.

The best way to publish 360° content is to develop a customized VR app. Together with our developers, we create up-to-date 360° apps, web-based for any web browser or natively, for installation on any device.

A great 360° film or photo campaign starts with a suitable script. Due to the technical circumstances of shooting a 360° film, a good script is essential. We take over your existing idea or design a completely new script together with you.

Similar to a play, the audience perceives the entire set. That’s why prior planning and coordination is important – our experienced VR directors guarantee a smooth process.

We have access to various film and photo studios that are specially designed for shooting in a 360° environment.

Detailed information can be found under Production Service.