You have to be able to afford spontaneity. Photographer and petrolhead Carlos F. Laser sets out to take a spectacular photo at the Arctic Circle. An adequate vehicle is needed to master the long and partly impassable distance of more than 7,000km from Hamburg to the far north of Sweden. The Volvo V60 CC offers everything you need for such a trip. Lots of comfort, driving fun and all-wheel drive.

We accompany Carlos across the bridge to Malmo, along the swedish west coast, through the deep forests of Sweden and Norway, discover abandoned scrapyards with 100-year-old Volvos and finally take the perfect shot in the ice desert of the Arctic Circle.

  • Client: Volvo Cars
  • Agency:Publicis Pixelpark
  • Producer:Tim Magduschewski / Eugen Giminger
  • Director:Dirk Rosenlöcher
  • DP:Daniel Hacker
  • Focus puller:Marcel Burgmann
  • Runner:Christian Rosenbrock
  • Talent:Carlos F. Laser
  • Edit:Daniel Hacker
  • Grading:Daniel Hacker
  • Sound:Martin Spyra
  • Mix & Music:Armin Höhn
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