Many young players have the dream to play in one of the professional European football leagues at some point in their carreer, but unfortunately only a small part manages to do so. Nevertheless, the junior departments of the professional clubs are longing places of young players who want to make their dreams come true. Borussia Dortmund’s junior programme is one of the best in the world, and the quality of the youngsters and their hunger for titles is correspondingly high.

Together with Sent Entertainment and a large team of Dortmund filmmakers, we accompanied BVB’s U17 team for 12 weeks around the budding superstar Youssoufa Moukoko, while collecting exclusive insights into the highly professionalized everyday life of an ambitious junior team. We have spoken to the parents and companions of the players, and BVB has also given us behind-the-scenes insights that third parties would never normally see. The result is 8 exciting episodes, which have been streamed more than 2million to Date.

  • Client: Borussia Dortmund
  • Production: ADLIPS Productions, SENT Entertainment
  • Producer:Tim Magduschewski, Mirwan Suwarso, Eugen Giminger
  • Directors:Chris De Barros, Felix Ahns
  • Editors:Silvio Baumgarten, Sebastian Heinrich, Chris De Barros
  • Supervising Story Producer:Jennie Klaes
  • Field Producers:Felix Ahns, Chris De Barros, Dan Mausolf, Tim Magduschewski
  • Story Editors:Jennie Klaes, Sebastian Heinrich
  • DOP:Donny Firdaus
  • Cam Operators 1:Christoph Baur, Karsten Jäger, Frederik Jäger, Johannes Suntru, Daniel Hacker, André Sasse, David Figura, David Seul,
  • Cam Operators 2:Leonie Scheufler, Timo Heiduk, Tobias Barthelmeh, Ronald Weaver, Bosch Lienen, Daniel Ernst
  • Audio Mixers:Kai Czerwonka, Niklas Butzke, Max Walther, Balaton Bori, Fabian Scharpf, Florian Högerle
  • Lead Assistant Camera:Martin Spyra
  • Cam Assistants:Martin Spyra, Eugen Giminger
  • Drone Operator:Ronald Weaver, Martin Spyra
  • Production Manager:Tim Magduschewski
  • Lead Production Coordinator:Eugen Giminger
  • Senior Post Supervisor:Donny Firdaus
  • Post Production Coordinator:Sebastian Heinrich
  • Assistant Editors:Sebastian Heinrich, Silvio Baumgarten, Jana Stellein
  • Loggers:Jolia Kühne Escola, Jonas Borgloh
  • Digital Assistants:Dominic Krause, Ellen Trenn, Lennart Schwab, Liza Verprinskaja
  • Runners:Zoe Lemme, Elena Malchikhina, Martin Spyra
  • Match Commentator:Jan Platte
  • Online Editors/Colorists:Donny Firdaus, Irat Gus
  • Online Assistant Editors:MK Salam, Sebastian Heinrich
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