For us, the film is the most meaningful medium. The composition of moving image, sound, music and special effects, packaged in a great story, has the stuff to move the viewer into a different world within a few seconds and to give a lasting impression. Whether from the field of lifestyle, art or with a completely product-related content – for us, the film is the number one medium.

ADLIPS PRODUCTIONS produces high-end films from conception to post production. No matter what you imagine – from commercials, explanatory and animated films, to music video, image, product corporate film, documentaries or the creation of social media content – we always produce films with the approach of creating an emotionally valuable experience.

How many people are needed to make a film? Well, it always depends on the project. Sometimes a few people are enough, sometimes you need a lot more.
ADLIPS PRODUCTIONS produces a variety of films, starting with making-of or documentary films about image films, TV commercials or movies. Whatever you need, we will put together the right team.

Like every artist, every director pursues his or her unique style, but not every style works with every project. Our network offers a wide range of different directors.

A great film starts with a great concept and script. We take over your existing idea or design a completely new one together with you.

Some productions require the use of a film studio. Our access to various studios guarantees a smooth process.

Appropriate post production is at least as important as the script and the filming. We do the digital post-processing, the editing as well as the setting and inferioring of the images with audio content in-house. At short time, we offer direct post production at the same time as filming. Instant post production enables the timely creation of social media content and thus direct publishing on your social media channels.

With any kind of film, the final look makes all the difference. We offer in-house color grading or work with leading grading agencies.

Unsure which music fits your movie? You want individual music, but don’t want to negotiate with record labels or artists? ADLIPS PRODUCTIOS works with a variety of musicians who produce your own and individual music.

SFX Sometimes you don’t hear the bass player until he’s missing. The same goes for sound design, equipped with the power to uniqueness and the ability to highlight certain details. We work with sound specialists on set, in a studio or during post-production to make sure your bass player never misses the gig.

Our portfolio of very talented animators creates any VFX or animation, in 2D or 3D.

Our experienced visualizers bring non-existent products to life, create fictional locations and/or combine fiction with real footage or other animations. The viewer will be convinced of reality.

You want a voiceover to your movie? We find the right voice and ensure a professional recording. To this end, we work with leading speaker agencies and recording studios and let each film, in the desired language, speak to the viewer.