HEJ ORGANIC – more ♥ in cosmetic

A new star in the cosmetics market. Organic, vegan, fair trade, design-oriented and animal-cruelty-free. Simply “More Heart In Cosmetic”. Designed by our sister agency ADLIPS DESIGN BUREAU and developed by a Dortmund-based organic cosmetics manufacturer. ADLIPS PRODUCTIONS was responsible for the production of the new images and an image film that combines all the characteristics of HEJ ORGANIC.

So our destination had to be sunny California. We picked up our Venice-based photographer, Jai Crocker, and met with a few friends from Los Angeles. Together we fled the city. Our road trip with stops in Venice Beach, West Hollywood, Joshua Tree and the beautiful Big Bear Lake, right at the foot of the Snow Summit Mountains, was a versatile and unforgettable trip.

  • Client:HEJ Organic
  • Producer:Tim Magduschewski
  • DOP:Dustin Janczewski
  • Script:Tim Magduschewski
  • Photographer:Jai Crocker
  • Models:River, Alea & Rob
  • Music:Valeri Schiller
  • Editing byDustin Janczewski
  • Location:California, U.S.
  • Categories: