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Tern’s lates creation, the GSD, is as versatile as a swiss army knife. It combines a folding mechanism, an e-bike and a cargo bike within the size restriction of a typical Dutch bike. Our task now was, to find the perfect surrounding to showcase all the different scenarios and let the GSD perform in all its’ different habitats.

We found exactly what we’ve been looking for, right around the corner at our Dutch neighbors, in Amsterdam. It’s a vibrant, modern city and one of the top cycling capitols in the world. Beside that we have a great network over there we’ve been able to use for this project. These 3 days of production turned out amazing, last but not least because of our models, especially our two youngsters. Good job ladies!

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  • Client:Tern
  • Producer:Christian Donaj
  • DOP:Dustin Janczewski
  • Photographer:Sebas Romero
  • Model(s):Samantha Klumper, Jon Woodroof
  • Hair/Make-Up:Denise Nelson
  • Location:Amsterdam, Netherlands
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