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ABUS Catalogue Shooting

More than a decade we produce the images for ABUS’s cycling safety division. Together we kinda traveled the world and went to places such as New York, Copenhagen, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Barcelona etc. This years anniversary brought us to Rotterdam. The Netherlands 2nd biggest and most urban city delivers a wide mix of backgrounds and colors.

Due to the fact it got damaged a lot in the war, you’ll find many interesting new buildings mixed up with classic Dutch architecture like you would also find in Amsterdam. Together with our Dortmund based photographer Stefan Grey, we went to “Manhattan on the Maas” to shoot all outdoor catalog images. Back home in Dortmund, we met again to shoot the latest advertising images in the studio.

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  • Agency:Freunde Von Uns
  • Client:August Bremicker Söhne KG (ABUS)
  • Producer:Pingo Magduschewski & Christian Donaj (ADLIPS Productions)
  • Photographer:Stefan Grey

  • Hair/Make-Up:Denise Nelson
  • Studio:Dortmund Germany
  • Location:Rotterdam, Netherlands
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